Rethinking what a photograph can be, I don't constrain myself with any particular set of rules.  I experiment with exposure, framing and focus. Rather than capturing a crisp clean instant in time, to tell a story, I extend the time frame and manipulate the observation of space to render images that range from impressionist to abstract, evoking emotional responses. My images exemplify my belief in a transmutable reality, held in place only by the consensus of the collective consciousness. 

Using a still camera, handheld, I smear light particles reflected off the subject, in camera, to create an interpretation that is outside the norm for most observers. I utilize Photoshop to make modest adjustments to color balance, contrast & exposure; as well as added textural filters layered under, reinforcing edges obfuscated by my photographic technique.

While I believe my work can be enjoyed at its surface alone, my intent is to subvert the viewer's understanding of what they take for granted everyday. I strive to affect the viewer's psyche through my distorted depictions of the world, reframing the nature of our relationship with reality.