WK Towstego

Rethinking what a photograph can be, I don't constrain myself with any particular set of rules. Digital cameras and the digital darkroom have liberated the photograph, just as the early cameras released painters then from the need to fixate on photo-realistic recreations. I have chosen to experiment with exposure, framing, focus and/or depth of field. Rather than capturing a crisp clean instant in time, I employ the extension of the time frame and manipulate the observation of space, rendering images that range from impressionist to abstract.

Using a handheld still camera, I smear the light particles reflected off my subjects, in camera, to create an interpretation that is outside the norm for most observers. The resultant image is processed and prepared for printing in Photoshop. Adjustments deemed necessary, as regards contrast or saturation, are made. I may then apply textural filters to sharpen or enhance portions of the image obfuscated by my photographic technique, or to just add a layer of texture for the visually acute. My limited editions are printed using C-41 photo processing, on Kodak Endura Metallic paper. Sizes range up to 40” on the long axis. 

My work follows the artist's practice of pushing at the boundaries. I strive to affect the viewer's psyche through my distorted depictions of the world. Images conveying my belief in a transmutable reality. A reality only held in place by the consensus of the collective consciousness.

While my work can be enjoyed at its surface value alone, my intent is to subvert the viewer's understanding of what they take for granted everyday. With my photographs I'm saying - consider other ways of looking at reality.

If this reality is mere illusion, why not have more fun with it?